International Seminar on

Technical Exhibition

Exhibition stands come with our comprehensive guarantee back range of value for money and are sure to get you noticed. It is important to use the right trade show display and include your company’s logo and designs in it.
This will make your stall more attractive and will draw people towards your stall. It can also give you a chance to show your products to the masses, who will benefit from excellent exposure both before and during the Conference, with the second-highest priority of branding in all documentation and on-site signage.

Stall Space @ Rs.14,000/- Per Mtr + Service tax @ 15% Extra

Stall space will be provided with : Front Facia, Table, Chair, Tube light & Junction Box


For Stall Bookings Kindly contact E3 Events Pvt. Ltd.




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Stall no:11      Derrick Solutions International Ltd
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Stall no:15     Aqseptence Group S.r.l.
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Stall no:19     Chennai Metco Pvt Ltd
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